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what we do

Chasing Nectar places digital ads for growth-minded businesses. We work with our clients to analyze the spend with a goal of delivering a substantial Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). We offer an array of products including Facebook and Instagram, Targeted Display Ads, Geo-Targeting, Video Ads, including OTT and YouTube, PPC, SEO/Reputation Management; Online Audio, Household IP Targeting and Live Chat.

We stay on top of the rapidly evolving digital ad environment and use over 15 different ad exchanges to access premium inventory that is brand safe and delivers optimal ROI for our clients.

After 20 years experience in traditional media our focus shifted focus to digital to achieve greater media efficiency and results for our clients.


Zora Chase
Zora Chase, Founder and CEO

Very few digital companies can confidently compare the benefits of digital versus traditional media. Our founder, Zora Chase, is able to leverage more than 20 years combined in broadcast and digital media, guiding dozens of businesses with marketing needs that span from grand openings, form fill, eCommerce, lead generation and branding. We built our team to share perspective to help you make sound marketing decisions. We strive to help you attain more customers without more spend and deliver results.

Facebook & Instagram Ads
SEO & Reputation Management

What Partnership
Means To Us

Your business goals are our top priority. Every campaign begins with a client-first approach. We pride ourselves on our understanding our clients’ challenges and derive a partnership with a common goal: how to make your resources work with effective, efficient solutions.


As partners, we explain in terms you’ll find easy to understand. No confusing tech-speak. We’ll take the time to assure you understand the process, what your ad campaign delivers and anticipated results.


above the fold

As PARTNERS, we treat every dollar as if it’s our own. All of your ads will appear “above the fold.” We do not utilize cheap remnant ads to inflate impressions.


As your partner, we have access to a majority of the available ad inventory found on the Internet. Your business goals will be matched precisely to the hundreds of platforms, groups and social networks in our portfolio.


View-through rates

View-through rates and conversions, not just impressions and clicks, are how we measure results.

monitored and optimized

Your campaign is continuously monitored and optimized. This means if something isn’t working or could work better, we’ll know it and make improvements.



What Our Client’s Say

Why We are Better

We stay on top of the rapidly evolving digital ad environment and use over 15 different ad exchanges to access premium inventory that is brand safe and delivers optimal ROI for our clients.

We use a dashboard to  monitor your campaign daily and share these insights so you know how your campaign is performing.

We don’t just measure clicks, we measure conversions to optimize your desired result. We review detailed monthly recaps to track with your goals.


Ready to discuss acquiring more clients? Do you want your website to be a lead generation tool? Schedule a 30-minute discovery call, so we can learn more about each other and determine if we are a good fit. This is a no obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you