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Listen to Zora’s candid conversations with some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. They share their stories of beginnings and how they scaled their vision into a venture.

Earn More Income as a Freelancer – with Karl Swanepoel of Revolancer

In this episode we introduce you to Karl Swanepoel, CEO and Founder of a rapidly growing freelance hiring platform called Revolancer.  Karl’s platform offers a unique business model that puts freelancers first by charging zero commissions. Yes, you heard it – freelancers keep their whole enchilada! In just over two years Revolancer has attracted over

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Creative Fuels Growth with Laetro founder Dave Zaboski.

In this episode we explore creativity and its place in business growth with the co-founder of Laetro, Dave Zaboski. Dave is known as the Freedom Fighter for Creators – what a title!! It’s in this spirit that he developed  a resource for brands to access high quality creative in ways they haven’t yet been able

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Create an Online Course to Scale Your Expertise with Dr. D of Healthy with Dr. D

Today’s guest is Ayim Darkeh, an ER physician, wellness expert, leadership coach and transformation expert. He’s not only an ER doc in Brooklyn, he’s the founder and CEO of “Healthy with Dr. D”, a health and wellness initiative that empowers people to move away from disease management and reclaim their physical and psychological fitness. Another

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Can a hospitality mindset make you rich? In this episode with Andy McNeill we’ll explore a key to building brand equity: service and hospitality. Making each customer feel special not only fuels the soul but gives life and longevity to the business. Go the extra mile. Think about having a mindset of service to enhance

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A Quest to Help Victims of Human Trafficking – How one caring attorney used her skillset to raise $1M in funds & boost awareness for your nonprofit

Did you know that the business of human trafficking in the San Diego area alone generates $810Million annually for the area’s underground economy – second only to the drug trade?There are thousands of known victims each year, and the majority of these victims are caught up on our legal system being blamed for the crimes

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Scaling Your Public Speaking Career

Have you ever watched a keynote speaker and thought to yourself.. “I can do this”!! What does it take to make public speaking a lucrative career? In this episode we talk with Thom Singer, a Certified Public Speaker (CSP), who established and scaled his keynote speaking business back in 2009. He’s spoken to over 1,000

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