How to Publish a Book that Sells – with author Daniel Chidiac

This show highlights an author who has successfully published best-sellers in both non-fiction and fiction writing. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Daniel Chidiac shares how he managed to come out of obscurity to sell millions of copies of his first book, Who Says You Can’t? You Do. And what inspired him to change course for his second book by self-publishing a reflective novel with a romantic storyline called The Modern Breakup.

If you’ve ever dreamed about becoming an author, and making a real living doing so, this episode provides you with guidance on how to scale with results you can take to the bank. His very first book proved his case:

🏆 An Amazon best-seller in eight countries

🏆 Published 13 Languages 

🏆 Amassed over 4,000 Reviews

🏆 Read By Millions Of People Worldwide

🏆 Secured publishing deals with top publishers like Penguin Random House

🏆 Self published his second novel, titled The Modern Breakup

 We talk about inspiration, endurance, and of course, a bit of marketing, like how he managed to build an Instagram following of 532,000 for his book, The Modern Breakup. 

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