Have you ever watched a keynote speaker and thought to yourself.. “I can do this”!! What does it take to make public speaking a lucrative career? In this episode we talk with Thom Singer, a Certified Public Speaker (CSP), who established and scaled his keynote speaking business back in 2009. He’s spoken to over 1,000 audiences as a Keynote, TEDx speaker, and Master of Ceremonies. He is the essence of what we call this scaling your public speaking career. And the extra fun part… I’ve known Thom since Kindergarten, where the gift of the gab was already in full swing!

Things you’ll learn from this episode:

How to get a CSP Designation
How to get on the speaker circuit
Hot topics to speak on
How to get organized and set up to scale
How to network and brand yourself to the right people
So, if you dare overcome your “Glossophobia”.. this could be you!

Want to hire Thom? Visit his website: thom@thomsinger.com or shoot him an email at thom@thomsinger.com

This show highlights an author who has successfully published best-sellers in both non-fiction and fiction writing. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Daniel Chidiac shares how he managed to come out of obscurity to sell millions of copies of his first book, Who Says You Can’t? You Do. And what inspired him to change course for his second book by self-publishing a reflective novel with a romantic storyline called The Modern Breakup.

If you’ve ever dreamed about becoming an author, and making a real living doing so, this episode provides you with guidance on how to scale with results you can take to the bank. His very first book proved his case:

🏆 An Amazon best-seller in eight countries

🏆 Published 13 Languages

🏆 Amassed over 4,000 Reviews

🏆 Read By Millions Of People Worldwide

🏆 Secured publishing deals with top publishers like Penguin Random House

🏆 Self published his second novel, titled The Modern Breakup

We talk about inspiration, endurance, and of course, a bit of marketing, like how he managed to build an Instagram following of 532,000 for his book, The Modern Breakup.

Enjoy this episode brought to you by the fractional marketing specialists at Chasing Nectar Digital Solutions.

How to connect with Daniel Chidiac – Follow and purchase his books on Amazon!

Instagram: @DanielChidiac @TheModernBreakUpBook

How does a kid mowing lawns build a $20M a year business connecting physical lawns with an on-demand digital app? In today’s episode we talk about entrepreneurialism, marketing and bootstrapping a business from zero revenue to profitability and exit. Our guest is Bryan Clayton, the CEO and cofounder of GreenPal, the mobile app that connects homeowners with Local lawn care professionals. GreenPal has been called the “Uber for lawn care” by Entrepreneur magazine and has over 300,000 active users completing thousands of transactions per day doing over $20 million a year in sales.

In 20 minutes – you’ll get inspiration on:

How mowing lawns for the neighborhood inspired him to build an 8 figure business without outside capital
How to build a growth flywheel in your business no matter what size it is
Tips on marketing your business and how SEO and Instagram brings in the business.
How GreenPal gets over 34K Instagram followers!
Check out GreenPal:

Website: https://www.yourgreenpal.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/bryanmclayton



In this episode you’ll first hear Natasha’s backstory. This part of her journey starts at age sixteen when, fearing for her life, she was abandoned by her family and living in a homeless shelter. A passionate and talented musician, she gained mentors who supported her. Coupled with unyielding optimism and a love of learning, she eventually becomes the CEO of a multi-million dollar event and entertainment company holding a place on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies for the last three years in a row.

Her fascinating story as a celebrated jazz artist and single mother turned badass business exec is revealed in her book “Relentless: From Homeless to Inc 5000 Entrepreneur”. Publishing this book enabled her to give back to her community in a profound and personal way.

In the episode she shares these business growth tips:

Results of laying down an operational foundation
Excellence vs. perfection
Systems and collaboration
What it means to be scrappy
The joy and freedom that comes from working on your business rather than in your business
Want to read or gift her inspiring book? Visit https://www.officialnatashamiller.com/relentless/ and order yours today.

You can also find her at https://www.officialnatashamiller.com

Check out Entire Productions: https://entireproductions.com/

In this episode we discuss what it takes to sell your business with Andy Cabasso who, after just three years of ownership, successfully sold his digital marketing company in a seven-figure deal.

Listen to learn about these three essentials you need to prepare your business for a sale:

Productizing your workflow
SOP – Standard Operating Procedures – every step has to have specific deliverables.
Recurring Revenue
What’s your company worth? At the end of the day, the answer is nothing – unless you can remove yourself from the business. You’ll need documented processes in place so the business can continue to thrive without you in it.

Andy Cabasso is a digital marketing professional, speaker, and lawyer. He is the co-founder of Postaga, an all-in-one platform for link building and email outreach. Prior to Postaga, he started, grew, and then successfully sold a digital marketing agency.

Find Andy Cabasso: Andy’s personal website: https://andycabasso.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewcabasso/

Email: andy@postaga.com

How does a lawyer start their own law firm? In this episode, I talk with Ashley Andrews, who runs her own successful Family Law practice in Southern California. She shares how she broke out of the massive law firm mold and created her own firm. Ashley is a sophisticated, highly ethical, and tenacious lawyer who built a team to focus on her clients and their very personal and sensitive family legal issues. She’s top dog in the area of divorce, child custody, property division, paternity law and is consistently awarded recognition by Pasadena Magazine as a top attorney and was designated a Super Lawyer. She’s wicked smart and as tough as they come.

Listen and learn:

How to leverage connections to get started
Why it’s important to start with a big firm, embrace learning and build a foundation of law firm management and the business side
Know when it’s time to change the structure and start your own practice
Importance of networking and digital ads to keep your business pipeline full
How the courtrooms pivoted during Covid
Mentors and building a reliable, loyal team
The best family law attorneys will have a forensic accountant on staff
If you do a great job and you continue to advocate for your clients you get referrals years or even decades later
Best advice: start your own firm to manage your work-life balance, yet work for the biggest and best firm you can learn from
Make solid connections with attorneys in your practice area. Advice + referrals
Contact Ashley:

Find her email and phone number on her website: https://www.ashleyandrewsapc.com

FinTech is HUGE and growing stronger every year. This episode explores what it takes to get a Financial Technology platform off the ground. Our guest today is Lori Shao. She is the Founder of Finli.com, a tech platform that helps solopreneurs and small businesses get paid – for free.

Lori tells us her reason for leaving behind a 17-year lucrative investment banking job at JP Morgan to become an entrepreneur herself. As a parent and provider, leaving the familiar was risky, but she knew a market existed and her product has the potential to reach millions of small business owners and allow them the opportunity to do more.

Lori shares her modern journey of how she navigated through Covid, raising capital, and being in sync with the small business owner she was solving for in the year 2021.

Knowing her end users, she operates on these four pillars that truly apply to every business:

Has to be affordable
Easy to use
Has to be easy to migrate to
Easy to talk about
Whether you are running a small business, a dog-walker, tutor, or piano teacher, she allows you to amplify your reach and run your business more professionally without incurring any costs.

Quote of the show: “Leverage technology. Technology is your friend.”

Check out Finli – and Get in Touch With Lori:

Email: lori@finli.com
Website: https://finli.com/

In this episode, ex-banker Gene Valdez reveals critical information about getting your business financed and how to use financial institutions to your business’s advantage.

Gene has worked with hundreds of businesses and started a few of his own. He knows the financials around launching a new enterprise and scaling an established brand. Listen as he points out common limiting factors. Existing businesses – beware of complacency!

Other tips include:

How to qualify your business for a loan
What you’ll need to show the banks – including their #1 priority in making the loan decision
When to use a short-term loan versus a line of credit
How to avoid being this statistic: over 50% of businesses fail in the first five years
The power of referral marketing
And a heads up to CEO’s on priority skillset
Gene’s distinguished career as a banking executive spans 40-years. He’s worked for some of the world’s largest banks like Wells Fargo, Bank of California, and Citizens Business Bank.

He’s started three businesses of his own, authored a book titled “How to Start a Business From Scratch,” and currently runs a firm called The Loan Doctor Associates, where they coach owners and CEO’s on finance and strategic planning. Gene doesn’t take sides. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from UCLA and his MBA from USC!

I think you’ll get a lot of useful insights today. Enjoy the show!

Get in touch with Gene Valdez, The Loan Doctor: Office: 909-230-0024


In this episode, we get insights from David Finberg, founder of peak digital and a specialist in “SEO” – a.k.a. search engine optimization. You’ll want to listen if you care to know how to get your business seen on the first page of a Google search. The competition online is fierce, and every business needs organic search to work for them. You may never want to do this yourself, but you still need to have an awareness of the strategy and what questions to ask your digital/SEO provider.

Why listen to David Finberg? David founded Peaks Digital Marketing in 2015. Since then, he’s generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue and has a passion for growing small businesses and corporations through data-driven strategies. He found creativity lies at the heart of this SEO and SEM innovator. As a “Digital Sherpa” for his clients, he helps guide them on the best online path for the success of their business. He defines success as doing what you want to do and making an impact in the lives of others.

In this episode, you’ll hear about

The Art of Ranking on the First Page of Google
The Importance of Creating an SEO Roadmap to Guide Strategic, Timely & Measurable ROI-Driven Results
How to Align Data & Your Goals for Scalable Success
The 7 Core Areas of SEO & How to Find Someone Who is the Best at All of Them
Small 2 Scaled is brought to you by Chasing Nectar Digital Solutions. We help businesses scale with digital ads.

Contact David Finberg:
Phone Number: 202-308-3517
Skype ID: contentkingfin
Website: www.peaksdigitalmarketing.com

Twitter – https://twitter.com/davidafinberg/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DavidFinbergSEOexpert/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/davidafinberg/
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidfinberg/

In this episode, you will hear from Marton Medina, CEO of iThink Business Academy. He’s coached hundreds of business owners on how to think and thrive as a business owner. He shares with us how your potential for greatness all starts with your choices. That’s the TIME CRUX.

This episode will make you think about how you want to spend your time today, tomorrow, and every day. Because the root of most of our problems is in plain sight. It’s deciding what to spend your time on. What you choose to spend your time on is the biggest predictor of how your business will look in the future. I invite you to listen in, give some thought about what you can control, and solve for how to make your time productive.

We are meant to make choices and take responsibility for those choices to achieve greatness.

Contact Martin Medina at iThink Business Academy. Go to https://www.ithinkbusiness.academy and register for a free coaching chat with Martin.


Can doctors still earn $15k A Day? Listen to this episode as I chat with Dr. Debra Muth, the founder of “$15K A Day Doc” and owner of Serenity Health Care Center – a thriving functional medical practice. She shares her expertise on how to create systems to scale an integrative medical practice. You will love her energy and how she juggles caring for others while running a profitable business. Over the last 20 years, she’s built it while flying, and now shares with us how to avoid the pitfalls and navigate the business essentials such as billing, hiring, firing, contracting with insurance companies, vendors, and marketing legalities. Maybe you’ll find inspiration and join her “$15K A Day” coaching program where she doles out her entire blueprint for creating your dream practice.

What you’ll hear:

– Have a practice worth selling

– The nuances of starting a medical practice business… finance, hiring, firing, contracting with insurance companies and vendors, marketing legalities

– Words of wisdom: “Hire quickly – fire fast”

– Once your dream team is in place – Invest in your team – it will help your business grow

– Importance of coaching and structure in place

– What kind of credentials and license do you need to start a practice?

– Benefits of having a cash practice or hybrid

– Evaluating relationship with insurance companies

– Brand your business not you – it will be worth more money

– If you think you can’t do $15K A Day, you’re wrong. It’s worth exploring, and you can do it much more quickly with some coaching

How to tap into 15k A Day Doc Integrative Medical Practice Guide:

– https://15kadaydoc.com/Facebook

– Upcoming 2-Day Intensive link: https://training.15kadaydoc.com/registration-page/optin-1/

– Serenity Health Care Center: https://www.serenityhealthcarecenter.com/Brought to you by Chasing Nectar Digital Solutions – we help businesses scale with digital strategy. https://www.chasingnectar.com

In this episode we learn how to use Facebook to grow your business with Bob Regnerus, a sought-after expert in the area of Facebook Advertising and Deep Funnel Marketing. “Coach Bob” has helped hundreds of businesses run Facebook ads to scale.
Bob has authored five books including the 4th Edition of the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising. Bob is also the co-founder of Feedstories, a video sales and marketing agency that helps brands tell their story.

This episode explores the A-B-C’s and more:

A – Audience

Create a Lookalike Audience – the best person to buy from you next looks like someone who has already bought from you
B – Bidding

Share your business objective – for example, optimizing for an action like signing up for a webinar or capture a lead or branding with video views
C – Creative

Do you have the right image and are you asking the right way?
Listen to get tips and best practices to run a Facebook campaign that drives business growth.

Find Bob:

Bob Regnerus – Facebook Coach, Author



FB: @AuthorBobRegnerus

TW: @BobRegnerus

LinkedIn: bobregnerus

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Bob-Regnerus/e/B002BM3H1Y

This episode explores what it is like to become a franchisee. Our guest, Jennifer Burgh, shares with us how to start, manage, scale and even sell your franchise business. As the owner of Fresh Coat Painters Monrovia, she answers all of those questions that you’ve always wanted to know about fast-tracking your entrepreneurship with an established brand,

You’ll learn:

– How to find the perfect franchise fit

– What it costs to buy a franchise

– How to get financial incentives and support from your franchiser

– Ownership time commitment

– Tips on scaling your franchise

– How to sell your franchise

– Learning the systems

– Marketing tips

And.. if you need your home painted, please call Jennifer Burgh. Her team is diligent, professional, and will take your home aesthetic to a whole new level!

Contact Jennifer Burgh at 626-727-9302

Visit: https://www.freshcoatpainters.com/monrovia/



You’ve heard the proverb; “necessity is the mother of invention”. In this episode, we meet Julie Farrell, Founder of tech startup PlanHero.com. She took that well-known phrase and put it into action. With a degree in mechanical engineering, a work history that includes weighing jets for McDonnel-Douglas, building missile launchers, industrial lasers, and managing a team of 50 engineers, Julie Farrell’s mind is wired to solve for the equation.

She shares with us:

Why you need to gut check your purpose when you decide to embark on a business startup
Local Angel investors – and other tips on where to find funding
The importance of talking to your customers – they shape the course of your company
LLC vs. C-Corp
What a good advisor can do
And if you haven’t done so, check out https://planhero.com/ – “no cape required”!

This episode is hosted by Zora Chase, Founder & CEO of Chasing Nectar Digital Solutions.
Email us at zchase@chasingnectar.com & visit us at https://www.chasingnectar.com/

“Every Life a Legacy! Every Small Business a School!” – Michael E. Gerber

After reading his New York Times bestseller “The E Myth Revisited: Why Most Businesses Don’t Work and What To Do About It”, I knew Michael E. Gerber had to be on my show! There’s a reason why his book has been read by millions worldwide, published in 30 languages and is required reading for over 100 universities and business schools. This episode is a MUST LISTEN for anyone who has either started their own business or intends to use their skillset to build a business down the road. I talk with Michael Gerber, a business legend, someone Inc. Magazine calls “The World’s Number One Small Business Guru”. He sums it all up for us here in 20 minutes; so listen in!

Key takeaways:

Don’t fall into the trap of making your own business a “job, job, job”. Design your company to grow based upon dream, vision, purpose, & mission. Why are we here? Develop a SYSTEM –to do the work, not you! Turn the most avid technicians into the greatest entrepreneurs step by step by step by step.

The 8-fold path to entrepreneurial development process

1) Dream

2) Vision

3) Purpose

4) Mission

5) Job

6) Practice – client acquisition system

7) Business

8) Enterprise

“What’s missing in this picture is the system, stupid!” Then you have a turn-key methodology to grow your business.

Where to start? Start anew.. a blank piece of paper and a beginner’s mind. Make what you’ve built so far sustainable, then go to work on everything new to enable your company to grow. Your future is your dream, your vision, your purpose, your mission. Every entrepreneur in the making must have one. Find yours!

Contact Michael Gerber: www.MichaelEGerberCompanies.com

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@chasingnectarmm #chasingnectar

It is an honor to present this episode with guest Dr. Ivan Misner, the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, Business Network International. This episode speaks to the heart of the show and is guaranteed to spark ideas, motivate, and drive you closer to achieving your multi-million-dollar venture.

It’s not every day that I get to tap into the mind of someone Forbes and CNN call “The Father of Modern Networking”. Recognized as a leader, Ivan is frequently asked to share his wisdom as a keynote speaker for major corporations, and for media outlets like the LA Times, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, BBC and The Today Show. You owe it to yourself to take 20 minutes and listen to this 1-2-1. Take notes!

Ivan rolls his sleeves up and shares with us advice such as:

– Who you should hire and why

– Goal-setting and why

– Know your Numbers

– Work in your Flame – not your wax.

Contact Ivan Misner: https://www.ivanmisner.com



Instagram @drivanmisner

Twitter: @ivanmisner

Brought to you by Chasing Nectar Digital Solutions

chasing nectar


This episode reveals the secrets to develop a $150K+/ job design business and attain a 42,000 Instagram following. Listen to Tineke’s unique origin story as she walked away from a Pre-IPO Google offer to pursue her passion project, interior design.

In the last 20 years, her business has grown exponentially. She is now an award-winning, six-time San Francisco Decorator Showcase designer, she’s regularly featured in design publications including Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Veranda, Dwell, Luxe, California Home & Design, Modern Luxury Interiors, California Homes and Sunset Magazine.

Insider tips from this episode include:

Take chances – all the money in the world doesn’t replace your passions
Start with a business plan, and plot how you are going to get there
Hire a Business Coach to help you solidify your vision and take the proper steps to achieve that vision*
Hiring and learning how to delegate
Constantly re-invent the internal structure of your business to scale
Idea exchange in the design community
Get in Touch and Follow Tineke:
Artistic Designs For Living website: https://adlsf.com/
Facebook: @artisticdesignsforliving
Instagram: tineketriggs
Pintrest: Tineke Triggs

*Coach Jackie Priestley: https://jackiepriestley.com/
(650) 759-1144

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This episode is a brief, casual conversation between two friends that sheds an abundance of insight on how you can scale your real estate business or any endeavor, really. Listen in with Bonnie Heatzig, Florida’s Ultra-Luxury Real Estate Specialist, with nearly $1 Billion Dollars in Sales. I promise you, Bonnie’s infectious enthusiasm will rub off! She will also tell you why she walked away from a flourishing legal career to fulfill her dream job selling Luxury Real Estate.

Any realtor who wants to enlist more clients who are A-list actors, entrepreneurs, business managers and Fortune 100 execs listen up! Bonnie will share some lessons learned, best practices and how she has become “The Luxury Real Estate Authority”, quoted and appearing on news outlets like the New York Times, FOX, CBS, NBC and more. Take a listen! Visit Bonnie’s website: http://www.bonnieheatzig.com/ and catch Bonnie on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bonnie.heatzig

Need to scale your business? Check out Chasing Nectar Digital Solutions. We use digital ads to scale your business locally, regionally, nationally & internationally. https://chasingnectar.com Contact: Zora Chase zchase@chasingnectar.com 626.644.0560

This is a DIVE RIGHT IN conversation you don’t want to miss!! To be a formidable player in the estimated $2 billion global coaching industry you need to embrace your why, build your brand, consistently promote your message, and deliver value to your clients. In this episode, Sara Schulting Kranz tells her harsh trauma origin stories, along with some lighter stories that arose from our time on the Rim-to-Rim Grand Canyon trail. Sara shares the formula that helped her escalate her coaching business, focused around a “Live Boldly” mantra. Sara shares how she developed a book deal, authored a biography, “Walk Through This”, became a TEDx speaker, Executive Produced a documentary feature film, created “Unstuck And Free” downloadable class, and continues to coach trauma victims with healing retreats in the Grand Canyon.

Chasing Nectar Digital is proud to give you a front-row “podcast seat” to hear intense stories of Sara’s personal traumas, healing, and finding herself in nature – and eventually forgiveness. If building a coaching business is your aspiration, take Sara’s advice on:

– Scaling Your Personal Coaching Brand

– Staying Present so the business finds you – and how nature can provide

– The Value of a Business Mastermind Group

– On Marketing – Social Media works – but you need to know your audience, be authentic, and talk directly to them,

The best thing about Sara is her contagious laughter – I promise you won’t be bored – so sit back and enjoy this conversation!

Sara’s three words to live by: TRUTH, INSPIRATION & HOPE

Where to connect with Sara?

· Website: https://www.saraschultingkranz.com/

· Instagram: @saraschultingkranz

· Facebook: Sara Schulting-Kranz / Live Boldly

· Purchase Book: https://www.saraschultingkranz.com/walk-through-this/

· Documentary: https://www.walkthroughthis.com/

This episode is hosted by Zora Chase, Founder & CEO of Chasing Nectar Digital Solutions. We help growing businesses scale using digital strategy.

Check out what we do: https://www.chasingnectar.com

Contact Zora Chase: zchase@chasingnectar.com

In this episode, we hear the story behind Kathi Sharpe-Ross’s powerful new book – RE:INVENT YOUR LIFE! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Kathi is the founder of THE SHARPE ALLIANCE and has been helping businesses Reinvent what they do and how they grow in this ever-changing economy. She has made a living out of shaping and advising global corporations across a multitude of industries on how to forge their path and evolve through strategic and practical business initiatives.

Listen to this episode if you dare to dream and question where you are in life – as a business or on a personal level. And get ready to become empowered to Reinvent! Kathi Sharpe-Ross has an innate ability to bring out our own profound “Ah-Ha Moments”. You’ll hear advice on how to channel the same skills and passion that have driven her business into helping people, brands, and companies Reinvent in a multitude of ways. Her intuitive and motivational personality was the catalyst to create The Reinvention Exchange – www.TheReinventionExchange.com – a media company developing and curating content based on the Reinvention Journey.

You can order her BOOK – RE:INVENT YOUR LIFE! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? now at Apple Books or Amazon.com

Tune into her PODCAST THE POWER OF RE:INVENTION – Apple, Spotify, Google, Anchor

Recently featured in Associated Press story on Holiday Gift Guides

Follow her on Instagram & Facebook: @TheReinventionExchange
LinkedIn: @TheReinventionExchange

In this episode, we talk with Mike Adray, Executive and Franchise owner of BNI, the world’s largest networking group with over 10,000 chapters in 72 countries and 275,000 members. His GPS is set on adhering to a value system that includes fostering a spirit of collaboration and trustworthiness as a means to scale your business. Mike will share his strategy that starts with a givers mindset and rewards entrepreneurs who help their fellow business owners. They don’t teach this in school people!

If you haven’t discovered networking, you are leaving money on the table and missing out on extending your personal relationships through collaboration.

Mike’s Book Recommends:

“The E-Myth” by Michael Gerber

“The Power of Peers” by Michael Shapiro

“Profit First” by Mike Michalowicz

“The Twelve Week Year” by Brian Moran

Get in touch with Mike: Mike@bnisgv.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-adray-a782307/

Connect with BNI: https://bnica.com/en-US/index

In this episode, we talk with James Hanrahan, co-founder of RHW Capital Management Group. He shares his story of how working for the Southland Corporation in his early 20’s, overseeing 7-11 franchise stores led to extreme entrepreneurism. While at Southland, he worked alongside mostly immigrant franchise owners who taught him about courage and gave inspiration to pursue the American dream of being his own boss. If you thought it impossible to turn a $9,000 investment into millions, you need to listen in on this inaugural podcast of Small 2 Scaled.

Hosted by Zora Chase, founder of Chasing Nectar Digital Solutions, specializing in small to mid-sized business marketing needs. Visit us at https://www.chasingnectar.com. Or email me at: zchase@chasingnectar.com.