Chasing Nectar

Aggressive, growth-minded companies need the power of marketing to generate brand recognition, gain new customers, and accelerate revenue streams. 

At Chasing Nectar, we call this your marketing “sweet spot”, where your marketing systems are aligned with your business goals and your business is “humming along” where it needs to be –  boldly in front of the marketing curve and your competition!

Outsource Your Growth With a Chasing Nectar CMO

Zora Chase​


With over 20 years combined in broadcast and digital media, Zora has the chops to help grow your brand’s market share. She has guided dozens of businesses with marketing needs that span from branding, product launches, experiential, and lead generation.

Prior to founding Chasing Nectar, Zora held marketing positions at iHeart, CBS, and Emmis where she conceived and implemented marketing programs for Fortune 500 brands such as Anheuser-Busch, Apple Music, Chrysler-Jeep-Fiat, Disney, and Warner Brothers, to name a few.

Her mission is always the same – to unify a team of trusted professionals who are committed to helping brands attain more customers, and doing so with integrity while remaining cost-effective.

Marni Burns

Fractional CMO

Since founding branding firm SEED AGENCY in 2007, Marni has led each project with the simple insight that humans seek a feeling of connection to the people, places, and systems surrounding them.

 This mentality has proven key to successful value creation, and her clients have seen the results that this approach can create. Prior to founding SEED, Marni created national advertising campaigns for clients such as Nestlé, Farmers Insurance, Kaiser Permanente, Whole Foods Market, and DirecTV.

Holly Veneman

Fractional CMO

Specializing in B2B start-ups and multinationals that need to launch a fresh concept, Holly is a seasoned business development professional in numerous sectors. Her expertise spans many areas including technology, finance, media, consulting, and, most recently, professional training companies. She has held executive positions in both field sales and marketing for companies like Oracle, Banco Santander, and Dow Jones – but loves projects that synchronize both functions. A certified digital marketer by London’s DMI and post-graduate certified by Madrid’s IE Business School for Executive Management, she manages complex projects from Funnel to Account-based marketing to achieve sales results. Bilingual in Spanish and English, Holly has resided in 6 countries and understands multi-cultural business nuances.

Nadia Hay

Fractional CMO

A public relations, communications, and marketing whirlwind, Nadia trails a long list of successful campaigns behind her. These include some of the planet’s most recognizable brands: Apple, Hard Rock Café, Eco Challenge, Shimano, and Earthlink to name a few.

In her PR experience, Nadia always keeps brand messaging on-point and globally consistent across all mediums. She formed a special niche for herself in the tourism and hospitality industry of New Zealand, where she steered a steady course for both domestic and international media ships. And while in Middle Earth, she was involved in the LOTR films—by acting as body double for Samwise Gamgee (you heard it here first)!

Dianna Jason

Fractional CMO

 A marketing force to be reckoned with, Dianna has over 25 years of experience in campaign strategy. Aside from building partnerships and consulting, she has mastered planning, budgeting, and successfully executing branded sales and marketing campaigns to launch B2B and B2C brands into higher orbits. Dianna’s full-funnel expertise means that all aspects of a campaign are carefully considered, and her personable approach makes collaborating with her not only successful, but also enjoyable. By keeping on top of emerging trends, she stays ahead of the curve and helps brands harness the power of new technology and SaaS platforms! A forward-thinker and a natural leader, she’s the whole package.

James Grasty

Fractional CMO

James Grasty is a powerhouse MBA and CMO with marketing experience forged in the crucible of trial-and-error with his own eCommerce companies. Because of this, he is a treasure-trove of knowledge for any eCommerce brand looking to scale sustainably while building a solid base. His most recent success is YeCommerce, where he provides fractional CMOs to brands that aren’t yet ready for a full-time CMO hire. James also has experience as a co-founder cum CMO at, a business that he helped create and grew from an idea all the way to a successful sale after only a few short years.

Aimee Bittourna-Kincl

Fractional CMO

 Aimee is a results-driven whiz who excels at building custom-integrated marketing programs. She tailors each campaign to utilize the most impactful components, which include experiential, digital/social content, event partnerships, and influencer elements. She’s made meaningful customer connections for dozens of Fortune 1000 brands, including Newegg, Heineken, Perrier, Scion, Diageo, and GoPro. She has also created brnd activation for major events such as Rolling Loud, Up & Up Campus Festivals, Hot Import Nights, Summer Jam, and Powerhouse – to name a few. She is focused on meeting the clients’ marketing goals and communicating the “BIG” idea that mobilizes campaigns, assuring that they stand out from the crowd.

Gregg Yacovone

Fractional CMO

Gregg is a senior marketing executive with a solid reputation for building high-performing teams. His transformational leadership gives him a strong edge, owing to his innovative approach. So much more than a one-trick pony, Gregg’s understanding of deep marketing analytics helps him drive and measure marketing and sales campaigns. It also makes him able to provide reliable strategic marketing leadership consulting informed by functional expertise in business insights, competitive strategy, brand marketing, campaign development, integrated marketing, and go-to-market.

With a BA in Business Economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara, Gregg is also a CPA and a Competitive Strategy Executive graduate from the Wharton School, U Penn. Among other heavy-hitters, he counts Deloitte, Verizon Wireless, and Taco Bell Corporate as previous clients.