A Quest to Help Victims of Human Trafficking – How one caring attorney used her skillset to raise $1M in funds & boost awareness for your nonprofit

Did you know that the business of human trafficking in the San Diego area alone generates $810Million annually for the area’s underground economy – second only to the drug trade?
There are thousands of known victims each year, and the majority of these victims are caught up on our legal system being blamed for the crimes they were forced into. Not only were their lives ruined by their captors, but they are marred with criminal records that prevent them from living the life they deserve as human beings.

This interview with Jamie Beck, founder of Free To Thrive, brings to light a cause that I support, but also describes how a young attorney found a calling and used her knowledge of the legal system to develop a foundation and raise her first million dollars in just a few years. She went from zero to hero in my book. They just opened their LA division – so get involved… take a listen and see how she made it happen!

Want to learn more about Free To Thrive? Check out their website: https://www.freetothrive.org/

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