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Today’s guest is Ayim Darkeh, an ER physician, wellness expert, leadership coach and transformation expert. He’s not only an ER doc in Brooklyn, he’s the founder and CEO of “Healthy with Dr. D”, a health and wellness initiative that empowers people to move away from disease management and reclaim their physical and psychological fitness. Another hat he wears is as CEO and founder of The Life and Leadership Lab, where he guides professionals through the process of reimagining success and fulfillment. He’s also a husband, dad and snowboarder and just a super dynamic dude. You are sure to enjoy this episode – and come away feeling inspired to go out and do escalate your wellness and business. 

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Ayim Darkeh Bio: 

Dr. Ayim Darkeh is a board-certified physician fondly known by his patients, students, and colleagues as “Dr. D.” 

Dr. D is a supportive husband, a loving father, and a physician with 20 years of experience in the emergency department. A dedicated health care provider and advocate for underserved communities, he is also a speaker, leadership expert, coach, and transformation specialist.

Dr. D has made it his mission to keep you out of the modern healthcare system by promoting scientifically proven tools that will transform your health.


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