Get Paid! With Founder Lori Shao

FinTech is HUGE and growing stronger every year. This episode explores what it takes to get a Financial Technology platform off the ground. Our guest today is Lori Shao. She is the Founder of, a tech platform that helps solopreneurs and small businesses get paid – for free. 

Lori tells us her reason for leaving behind a 17-year lucrative investment banking job at JP Morgan to become an entrepreneur herself.  As a parent and provider, leaving the familiar was risky, but she knew a market existed and her product has the potential to reach millions of small business owners and allow them the opportunity to do more.

Lori shares her modern journey of how she navigated through Covid, raising capital, and being in sync with the small business owner she was solving for in the year 2021.

Knowing her end users, she operates on these four pillars that truly apply to every business:

  1. Has to be affordable 
  2. Easy to use
  3. Has to be easy to migrate to
  4. Easy to talk about

Whether you are running a small business, a dog-walker, tutor, or piano teacher, she allows you to amplify your reach and run your business more professionally without incurring any costs. 

Quote of the show: “Leverage technology. Technology is your friend.”

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Hosted by Zora Chase, Founder of Chasing Nectar Digital Solutions
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