How a Life Coach hits the TEDx Stage, Authors a Book & Executive Produces a Doc

This is a DIVE RIGHT IN conversation you don’t want to miss!! To be a formidable player in the estimated $2 billion global coaching industry you need to embrace your why, build your brand, consistently promote your message, and deliver value to your clients.  In this episode,  Sara Schulting Kranz tells her harsh trauma origin stories, along with some lighter stories that arose from our time on the Rim-to-Rim Grand Canyon trail. Sara shares the formula that helped her escalate her coaching business, focused around a “Live Boldly” mantra. Sara shares how she developed a book deal, authored a biography, “Walk Through This”, became a TEDx speaker, Executive Produced a documentary feature film, created “Unstuck And Free” downloadable class, and continues to coach trauma victims with healing retreats in the Grand Canyon.

Chasing Nectar Digital is proud to give you a front-row “podcast seat” to hear intense stories of Sara’s personal traumas, healing, and finding herself in nature – and eventually forgiveness. If building a coaching business is your aspiration, take Sara’s advice on:

–       Scaling Your Personal Coaching Brand

–       Staying Present so the business finds you – and how nature can provide

–       The Value of a Business Mastermind Group

–       On Marketing – Social Media works – but you need to know your audience, be authentic, and talk directly to them,

The best thing about Sara is her contagious laughter – I promise you won’t be bored – so sit back and enjoy this conversation!

Sara’s three words to live by: TRUTH, INSPIRATION & HOPE

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This episode is hosted by Zora Chase, Founder & CEO of Chasing Nectar Digital Solutions. We help growing businesses scale using digital strategy.

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