How to have a $15K A Day Integrative Medical Practice with Dr. Debra Muth

Can doctors still earn $15k A Day? Listen to this episode as I chat with Dr. Debra Muth, the founder of “$15K A Day Doc” and owner of Serenity Health Care Center – a thriving functional medical practice. She shares her expertise on how to create systems to scale an integrative medical practice. You will love her energy and how she juggles caring for others while running a profitable business. Over the last 20 years, she’s built it while flying, and now shares with us how to avoid the pitfalls and navigate the business essentials such as billing, hiring, firing, contracting with insurance companies, vendors, and marketing legalities. Maybe you’ll find inspiration and join her “$15K A Day” coaching program where she doles out her entire blueprint for creating your dream practice.

What you’ll hear:

–       Have a practice worth selling

–       The nuances of starting a medical practice business… finance, hiring, firing, contracting with insurance companies and vendors, marketing legalities

–       Words of wisdom: “Hire quickly – fire fast”

–       Once your dream team is in place – Invest in your team – it will help your business grow

–       Importance of coaching and structure in place

–       What kind of credentials and license do you need to start a practice?

–       Benefits of having a cash practice or hybrid

–       Evaluating relationship with insurance companies

–       Brand your business not you – it will be worth more money

–       If you think you can’t do $15K A Day, you’re wrong. It’s worth exploring, and you can do it much more quickly with some coaching

How to tap into 15k A Day Doc Integrative Medical Practice Guide:


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