This episode is a brief, casual conversation between two friends that sheds an abundance of insight on how you can scale your real estate business or any endeavor, really. Listen in with Bonnie Heatzig, Florida’s Ultra-Luxury Real Estate Specialist, with nearly $1 Billion Dollars in Sales. I promise you, Bonnie’s infectious enthusiasm will rub off! She will also tell you why she walked away from a flourishing legal career to fulfill her dream job selling Luxury Real Estate.

Any realtor who wants to enlist more clients who are A-list actors, entrepreneurs, business managers and Fortune 100 execs listen up!  Bonnie will share some lessons learned, best practices, and how she has become “The Luxury Real Estate Authority”, quoted and appearing on news outlets like the New York Times, FOX, CBS, NBC, and more.  Take a listen! Visit Bonnie’s website: http://www.bonnieheatzig.com/ and catch Bonnie on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bonnie.heatzig

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