“Every Life a Legacy! Every Small Business a School!” – Michael E. Gerber

After reading his New York Times bestseller “The E Myth Revisited: Why Most Businesses Don’t Work and What To Do About It”, I knew Michael E. Gerber had to be on my show!  There’s a reason why his book has been read by millions worldwide, published in 30 languages and is required reading for over 100 universities and business schools. This episode is a MUST LISTEN for anyone who has either started their own business or intends to use their skillset to build a business down the road. I talk with Michael Gerber, a business legend, someone Inc. Magazine calls “The World’s Number One Small Business Guru”. He sums it all up for us here in 20 minutes; so listen in!

 Key takeaways:

Don’t fall into the trap of making your own business a “job, job, job”. Design your company to grow based upon dream, vision, purpose, & mission. Why are we here? Develop a SYSTEM –to do the work, not you! Turn the most avid technicians into the greatest entrepreneurs step by step by step by step.

 The 8-fold path to entrepreneurial development process

1)    Dream

2)    Vision

3)    Purpose

4)    Mission

5)    Job

6)    Practice – client acquisition system

7)    Business

8)    Enterprise

“What’s missing in this picture is the system, stupid!” Then you have a turn-key methodology to grow your business.

Where to start? Start anew.. a blank piece of paper and a beginner’s mind. Make what you’ve built so far sustainable, then go to work on everything new to enable your company to grow. Your future is your dream, your vision, your purpose, your mission. Every entrepreneur in the making must have one. Find yours!

Contact Michael Gerber: www.MichaelEGerberCompanies.com

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