Owning a Franchise Business

This episode explores what it is like to become a franchisee. Our guest, Jennifer Burgh, shares with us how to start, manage, scale, and even sell your franchise business.  As the owner of Fresh Coat Painters Monrovia, she answers all of those questions that you’ve always wanted to know about fast-tracking your entrepreneurship with an established brand,

You’ll learn:

–       How to find the perfect franchise fit

–       What it costs to buy a franchise

–       How to get financial incentives and support from your franchiser 

–       Ownership time commitment

–       Tips on scaling your franchise

–       How to sell your franchise

–       Learning the systems 

–       Marketing tips

And.. if you need your home painted, please call Jennifer Burgh. Her team is diligent, and professional, and will take your home aesthetic to a whole new level!

Contact Jennifer Burgh at 626-727-9302

Visit: https://www.freshcoatpainters.com/monrovia/


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