Scaling Your Public Speaking Career

Have you ever watched a keynote speaker and thought to yourself.. “I can do this”!! What does it take to make public speaking a lucrative career? In this episode we talk with Thom Singer, a Certified Public Speaker (CSP), who established and scaled his keynote speaking business back in 2009. He’s spoken to over 1,000 audiences as a Keynote, TEDx speaker, and Master of Ceremonies. He is the essence of what we call this scaling your public speaking career.  And the extra fun part… I’ve known Thom since Kindergarten, where the gift of the gab was already in full swing!

Things you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How to get a CSP Designation
  • How to get on the speaker circuit
  • Hot topics to speak on
  • How to get organized and set up to scale
  • How to network and brand yourself to the right people

So, if you dare overcome your “Glossophobia”.. this could be you!

Want to hire Thom? Visit his website: thom@thomsinger.comor shoot him an email at

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