Selling Your Business: 3 Things You Need to Know with Andy Cabasso

In this episode we discuss what it takes to sell your business with Andy Cabasso who, after just three years of ownership, successfully sold his digital marketing company in a seven-figure deal. 

Listen to learn about these three essentials you need to prepare your business for a sale: 

  1. Productizing your workflow
  2. SOP – Standard Operating Procedures – every step has to have specific deliverables. 
  3. Recurring Revenue

 What’s your company worth? At the end of the day, the answer is nothing – unless you can remove yourself from the business. You’ll need documented processes in place so the business can continue to thrive without you in it. 

Andy Cabasso is a digital marketing professional, speaker, and lawyer. He is the co-founder of Postaga, an all-in-one platform for link building and email outreach. Prior to Postaga, he started, grew, and then successfully sold a digital marketing agency.

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