Small Business Time Crux – with iThink Business Academy’s Marton Medina

In this episode, you will hear from Marton Medina, CEO of iThink Business Academy. He’s coached hundreds of business owners on how to think and thrive as a business owners. He shares with us how your potential for greatness all starts with your choices. That’s the TIME CRUX.  

This episode will make you think about how you want to spend your time today, tomorrow, and every day.  Because the root of most of our problems is in plain sight. It’s deciding what to spend your time on. What you choose to spend your time on is the biggest predictor of how your business will look in the future. I invite you to listen in, give some thought about what you can control, and solve how to make your time productive.

We are meant to make choices and take responsibility for those choices to achieve greatness.

Contact Martin Medina at iThink Business Academy. Go to and register for a free coaching chat with Martin.

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