Tech Founder Tell All with Julie Farrell

You’ve heard the proverb; “necessity is the mother of invention”. In this episode, we meet Julie Farrell, Founder of tech startup She took that well-known phrase and put it into action. With a degree in mechanical engineering, and a work history that includes weighing jets for McDonnel-Douglas, building missile launchers, and industrial lasers, and managing a team of 50 engineers, Julie Farrell’s mind is wired to solve the equation.  

She shares with us:

  • Why you need to gut check your purpose when you decide to embark on a business startup
  • Local Angel investors – and other tips on where to find funding
  • The importance of talking to your customers – they shape the course of your company
  • LLC vs. C-Corp
  • What a good advisor can do 

And if you haven’t done so, check out – “no cape required”!

This episode is hosted by Zora Chase, Founder & CEO of Chasing Nectar Digital Solutions. 

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