ULTIMATE FACEBOOK with Coach Bob Regnerus

In this episode, we learn how to use Facebook to grow your business with Bob Regnerus, a sought-after expert in the area of Facebook Advertising and Deep Funnel Marketing. “Coach Bob” has helped hundreds of businesses run Facebook ads to scale. 
Bob has authored five books including the 4th Edition of the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.  Bob is also the co-founder of Feed stories, a video sales, and marketing agency that helps brands tell their story.

This episode explores the A-B-C’s and more: 

A – Audience

  • Create a Lookalike Audience – the best person to buy from you next looks like someone who has already bought from you

B – Bidding

  • Share your business objective – for example, optimizing for action like signing up for a webinar or capturing a lead or branding with video views

C – Creative

  • Do you have the right image and are you asking the right way?

Listen to get tips and best practices to run a Facebook campaign that drives business growth.

Find Bob:



FB: @AuthorBobRegnerus

TW: @BobRegnerus

LinkedIn: bobregnerus

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Bob-Regnerus/e/B002BM3H1Y

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